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Leave your Peace Messages!

Five years ago, Dawson College students started a project to collect peace messages from around the world. This year, in preparation for the 10th year commemoration of the shooting tragedy at their school on September 13 and their participation in Peace Day activities at City Hall on September 21, students have revitalized the project with a goal of 10,000 messages or messages from all 193 countries in the UN.

Please leave a message of peace and help spread the word by asking your friends and family near and far to leave a message of their own!


Hate is a source of evil. I sometimes remind myself not being the only citizen of this planet we call Earth. Accepting others religious practices, race, ethnicity, cultural lifestyle is PEACEFUL. Humane dialogue is a start for a PEACEFUL relation.
Dawson StudentMontreal, CanadaJuly 25, 2016
Hey guys, put away your guns and talk it out. Don't be a jerk.
Conrad PoohToronto, CanadaJuly 25, 2016
Everyone always says that true peace is impossible, it's not true. Love everyone no matter what race, gender, sexual orientation, or age they are, in the same way Kanye loves himself, and peace in this world will be achieved. It's always been possible.
Omer OthmanSaint-Laurent, CanadaJuly 25, 2016
Peace is when people are open to others. By opening up to others, people develop a sense of trust, and communication can be made. Without proper communication, there can not be peace.
Tony ToMontreal, CanadaJuly 25, 2016
“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson
Max JonesMontreal, CanadaJuly 25, 2016
Live and let live is the secret to true peace.
Amanda DMontreal, CanadaJuly 25, 2016
"Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace." -Jonathan Lockwood Huie
Alessandra Di GesoHillsboro Beach, United StatesJuly 25, 2016
Dawson College Peace Centre's WALL OF PEACE is an inspiration to us all. Let the peace messages come from all over the world. More power to students, teachers, parents and everyone involved! May peace reign!
Denis CoupalMontreal, CanadaJuly 25, 2016
dzeretlek Nagyon Mindenkite
Agnes PorHungary, HungaryJuly 25, 2016
Acceptances and Compassion
Ashely SheppardMontreal, CanadaJuly 25, 2016
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